Sarah Grace Books 
The Adventures of Nicky and Charlie:  
Through the Sprinkler!
Written by Sarah Grace, Illustrated by Mia Vasquez 

This story is about two young brothers who beat the heat on a lazy summer day by using their imaginations to travel to fantastic lands as they transport through a magical sprinkler. 

About The Author

Sarah Grace enjoys a variety of writing. Sarah is a mother of 3, and has worked in multiple careers. Sarah has a Master's Degree from National Louis University and she loves music, traveling and her family and friends. This story is based on games from her childhood.

This story is special because it transports adults back to the free and innocent play of their childhoods. Parents can enjoy it with their children and appreciate a sense of nostalgia while children expand their imagination and experience entertainment without a screen. It is designed to look like the characters drew the pictures to inspire creativity! 




“The adventures of Nicky and Charlie is a fun, imaginative book that takes me back to my own childhood memories. Very relatable and nostalgic.” – John, IL

“I like it! I like the candy place because it reminded me of a dream!” – Morgan, 7, IL

"My kids loved it - they asked me to read it twice when I finished it the first time. Their eyes lit up when we got to the picture of the first magical world.” – Shelley, IL

“What a wonderful book that superbly captures the colorful imagination of two little boys with nothing to do on a hot summer day. This book had me smiling the whole while I was reading it. I loved it!” – Melanie, CA

“I like the colors and creatures. I especially like the unicorns and many rainbows. I hope my friends like it too.” Jackie, 4, AZ

“This is the children’s book we have all been waiting for. Imaginations run wild reading these fun adventures. It’s written in a way that captivates young minds.” – Allina, IL

"I love the playfulness of this story! The imagery is vividly described and the child-like illustrations are as though one of the boys drew them himself to hang on the fridge. Each new "world" was captivating and exciting!" – Erin, IL

“The Adventures of Nicky and Charlie: Through the Sprinkler by Sarah Grace is a charming portrayal of siblings on a lazy summer day who get more than they bargained for when their imaginations are challenged. With positive messages and whimsical illustrations, Through the Sprinkler opens worlds of imagination for readers.” – Janet, CA

“Very cute read that captures the imagination! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.” – William, FL

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